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I do not know if I put this post nese TOPIC or ROADMAP. I chose to ask for a new feature.

I realized that many functions and objects of Corona are mainly available on the iPhone does not break out and available on Android.

While some complex things like "In-App purchase" are available for iPhone, relatively simple things like native.setActivityIndicator () STILL is not available for Android.

Why not create a (function / class / object) where I can put code native Android or iPhone in order to meet MY priorities instead of waiting for the Corona to support these functions?

Something like (Android code):

Local external_function = function {

com.example.helloandroid package;

import android.app.Activity;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.widget.TextView;

public class extends Activity {HelloAndroid
/ ** Called When The activity is first created. * /
@ Override
public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {
super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
TextView tv = new TextView (this);
tv.setText ("Hello, Android");
setContentView (tv);

So, if the development team does not consider tuning Corona objects for Android (as setActivity), I can at least organize my code to get a native Android code, and someday when it be implemented, I can change my applications.

This could be usefull to iPhone too.

I do not know if it is possible, but it would be useful.